‘It was an excellent thing to ban smoking from pubs and restaurants’ says Nottingham Doctor

10 years on from the smoking in public places ban a Nottingham doctor says ‘It was an excellent thing to ban smoking from pubs and restaurants’.

The controversial smoking ban came into force in England on 1 July 2007 and banned smoking in enclosed public places such as pubs, restaurants and work places.

Nottingham Doctor Jasprit Bhamrah said: “It was an excellent thing to ban smoking from pubs and restaurants because firstly those people that are non-smokers are then free to also enjoy these social environments.

“It was almost a punishment for them to have to go into a smoking environment should they want to enjoy a meal or be out with friends, so it is everybody’s choice should they want to inhale smoke or not.

“From personal experiences I have had patients that don’t know why they are struggling to breathe – they have always eaten healthily, done exercise and various things.

“But then you take more of a history and they have grown up in house-holds where their parents use to smoke and they have now developed COPD – and I think this is unfair because it wasn’t their choice.”


Since July 1 2007 smoking has been banned in all enclosed public places.

Jasprit added: “Smoking is the biggest cause of death in the UK and it also causes many more smoking related conditions like COPD – a long-term illness that makes it difficult for you to breathe.

“It is also a cause of many cancers in the body, starting from the mouth all the way down into the lungs – it is the sole cause of over 90% of lung cancers.

“It also affects your heart, it can cause heart attacks, strokes and other blood vessel related conditions.

“When anyone smokes you’re inhaling toxic smoke effectively or toxic air, within that there are many harmful chemicals and you’re breathing them in through your nose and mouth all the way down into your lungs.

“Your tissues are being exposed to these harmful chemicals and more than 69 of them cause cancer .”

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